Personal and unique branding


There are many ways to brand your business. One of the ways several of our customers have had great success with. Namely, large prints of your own branding images.
It’s personal branding that’s unmistakable and impossible to ignore.

Create recognizability with personalized large prints

Photography for large print. An effective way to increase your company’s recognizability.
By choosing images that reflect the core values and aesthetics of the local area or business,
you create visual recognition that customers will associate with your brand. This could be anything from impressive images of your office building to artistic depictions of local landmarks or important aspects of your company culture.
Let large format print become an integral part of your corporate identity and create a strong, recognizable brand profile.

A lasting impact

“Our investment in large print photography at WEcreate has been revolutionary for our brand recognition. The impressive images of our head office, now prominently featured in our lobby, have not only changed our space aesthetically, but have also significantly strengthened our brand identity.

Our customers and partners immediately notice the impact of the images and quickly understand the essence of our business. WEcreate’s ability to capture our spirit in every image has been crucial in creating a strong and immediate connection with our visitors. This approach to branding through photography has been invaluable to us.”

– Michael Nielsen | Managing Director | MIH A/S

A wow effect

“This image. That’s where there’s a wow effect. There’s some symmetry, some color, some depth and light that plays on it. We pretty much always show it off and the reaction is always the same. You’re super impressed.”

– Martin Løfqvist, Head of Department, Skjern Bank

What your large print images can do for your business

Create recognizability

By capturing and highlighting the elements that define your brand, these images create an instant connection with your target audience. It's about creating designs that reflect your company's identity and values. The result will be visual stories that are not only recognized, but also appreciated and remembered.

Personifies your business

Free yourself from mass-produced designs and create your own unique expressions. With large print photography, you can produce bespoke images that accurately reflect the character of your business and tell the stories that both your business and your target audience will appreciate and understand.

Telling stories

"A picture is worth a thousand words". Capture the essence of your work environment and the heart of your business. Give your target audience and employees a real and vivid insight into the core of your brand and create a visual narrative of who you are.

Create a wow effect

When people see something recognizable, something that has special meaning to them, presented in an unexpected and impressive way, it creates a wow effect. With large print photography, you can capture and highlight these familiar elements. An iconic cityscape, a distinctive part of the work environment or a unique aspect of your business.

Give your business a personal touch

Large print photography offers the opportunity to personalize your brand in a way that speaks directly to your audience. It’s about choosing designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also tell a story about who you are. It can be images that capture the daily life in the office, the working spirit of the team or even the founder of the company in his element.

This kind of personification creates an emotional connection with the viewer and gives a more human face to the company.

When you’re no longer limited by mass-produced images and can produce your own images, you can create the exact look and stories that your business and your target audience can understand.

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How large print photography and production works

Step 1


One of the most important points is understanding your needs and wants. When you contact us, we'll start a dialog to uncover exactly what you're looking for. Do you want images of the local area, dynamic in-action shots, or something that captures your company's unique DNA? We discuss all aspects - from the desired look to the optimal times for shooting. This phase ensures we are fully prepared and ready to capture exactly what you want.

Step 2


Now it's time to turn the plan into reality. Our team of skilled photographers are ready to capture the moments we've planned together. We use a range of techniques to ensure we capture exactly the look and feel you want. And if your project requires it, we can also offer drone photography to add an extra spectacular perspective. This part of the process is both exciting and collaborative - we make sure we're on the same page every step of the way, so your images turn out exactly as you envision.

Step 3


After the shoot, you'll have access to an online gallery where you can browse and select your favorite images. Once you've made your choice, our print team will start production. We use environmentally friendly materials and processes, and our quality guarantee ensures that the finished product meets both your and our high standards.

Step 4


The final step is the delivery of your large prints. We offer a delivery time of 14 days, depending on the scope and specifications of the project. Your prints are delivered directly to your office or other desired location.

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Do you just need a little more edge to your interior design with unique images?

Give your office a lift with unique artwork from WeImages. Our collection of unique photographic works has been carefully selected to add a fresh and inspiring element to any space. Each image in our collection is taken by our talented photographer on his travels around the world, ensuring that each piece is not just a picture, but a story and an experience.