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Event photographer

Bring an event photographer to your next corporate event.
Everything you send out represents your business. Get an event photographer to shoot and record content from your event and send a professional, high-quality signal.

Capture your best moments with a professional event photographer

When planning a corporate event, conference or reception, it’s important to create good exposure for your company and brand. Your company’s image is reflected in everything you send out, so it’s important to get the right content.

Our experienced and skilled event photographers can produce high-quality content that fits your company and its values. We can help increase brand awareness, and give your customers a positive experience they’ll remember.

Use your event to highlight your brand
Let’s have a conversation about how we can create awareness about and for your event.


Unlock your brand's potential

A corporate event is a perfect opportunity to present your company and its values to your business partners and customers. Our event photographers specialize in capturing these moments and can help create visibility and awareness for your brand.

We can produce high-quality images and videos from or around your event, that will give your company a professional and targeted profile to your audience.

Get your company values and message across to your target audience with a professional event photographer.

How can an event photographer help build trust
between you and your target audience

Our event photographers specialize in capturing the atmosphere and finding the best angles to present your services or products in a way, that appeals to and builds trust with your target audience.

By showing images and videos of people enjoying your event and interacting with your services or products, you can increase your target audience’s interest and desire to attend your events or buy your products.

We understand the importance of creating a safe and relaxed atmosphere for your event, which is why our event photographers work discreetly in the background to capture authentic and natural images, that convey your story and message in the best possible way.

We’re convinced that nothing sells better than the affirmation of another human being. That’s why our goal is to help you build trust to your target audience through real and authentic images and videos of people enjoying your event, services or products.

Build your message with storytelling

As an event photographer we help you build your message through storytelling. We start with a dialog about your wishes for your event images and films, where we provide creative input and typically go through these questions with you:

By working with us, you can create the right understanding, feeling or need in your target audience through authentic and genuine images and videos, that tell your business story in the most effective way. After your event we take care of the next process of creating the greatest value from your material so you can maximize your company’s visibility and engagement.

We believe that strong storytelling can help convey your message and create a connection between your business and your target audience. With our expertise in storytelling and event photography, we can help you build your message and reach your target audience in the best possible way.


Why us?

Creative presentation

Before your event, we’ll prepare a creative brief so you know we’ve understood what you want and you know what the output will be after your event.

Day to day delivery

We’re some of the fastest in the market to edit and deliver your content – without compromising on quality. We offer the option of day-to-day delivery.

Great team

We have a large team of commercial photographers, so we have the skills and expertise for many types of events. We always send the most experienced photographer for your event.

It starts with a meeting

Every company has its own identity, story and message. That’s why we always meet with you to discuss what you want and need.

Step 1

Planning and scheduling

A short meeting where we find out who you are, what you need and whether we should take on the task with you.

Step 2


We photograph and record your event at an agreed location and time.

Step 3


We edit and cut footage together and put the finishing touches on your photos and videos.

Step 4


You will receive a link and access to your photos and videos by appointment.

Why you should book an event photographer

When you choose to take photos and video of your events yourself, you get material you can use in your marketing. But that doesn’t mean that the material will have the impact on your target audience that you want.

Knowing how to build, show and tell the story of your business, capturing the right moments, angles, lighting and moods takes experience. Our event photographers have it.

You may have been at a corporate event, a confirmation or a wedding where Uncle Arne has become the designated event photographer for the day. The result has often been shaky images, missing images from a great moment, images with a finger in front of the lens, dark images, the sun or lights taking all the focus. Not to mention constant interrupted calls to take a picture – at all the wrong times.

WEcreate is not your guest, but your partner

WEcreate’s event photographers sneak around and keep all their focus on capturing the right atmosphere – without too many distractions and always with quality in mind.

You're only hosting this event this one time

You’ll be left with some material where you have to consider whether that ray of sunshine across the faces is really that big of a problem and still show that special moment.

Or do you want event photos and videos that show professionalism, atmosphere and tell the story you want to tell – with high-quality images and videos? WEcreate is always ready to have a conversation with you and find the right solution for you.

All the material you send out to your target audience represents your business – How should your business be represented?

Our event photographers specialize in capturing the right moments, capturing the right moods from your events and creating a story that creates a need, a feeling, curiosity and an experience that people wish they could be a part of.

What can you use your event photos and videos for?

You can use your visual material in your marketing or share it with your current and potential customers and other relevant partners.

You can do this by using your images and videos from your event on your website, social media, newsletters and printed material.

With your image and video material, you can create an eye-catcher, inform your target audience about your event, expose them to the event and show them what they can expect from you, your employees, products and/or services.

You can use your event photos and videos over and over again...

If you have recurring or annual events, you can use your images and videos as a teaser to show your audience that this is something they won’t want to miss again. Let’s create some material together that will make your target audience feel compelled to attend next time or at least know more about it.

What's included?

  • Preparatory consultation
  • 2 hours of photography
  • Unlimited number of images within the given time.
  • 1 location in Greater Copenhagen
  • Online gallery for selecting and downloading images
  • Professional image editing and retouching
  • All images are light and colour adjusted
  • All images are delivered in 300 DPI for web and print use

PRICE FROM: DKK 6,000 excl.

  • Preparatory consultation
  • 2 hours of on-location recording
  • 1 location in Greater Copenhagen
  • Online gallery for selecting and downloading movie clips
  • Professional editing and retouching of movie clips
  • 1 x 30 sec. movie
  • All videos are light and color adjusted
  • All videos are 1080p for web use

PRICE FROM: DKK 10,000 excl.

Event photo + Event film for the same event

  • Preparatory consultation
  • 2 hours at your location
  • Unlimited number of images within the given time.
  • 1 location in Greater Copenhagen
  • Online gallery for selecting and downloading images and video clips
  • Professional image editing and retouching
  • All images are light and colour adjusted
  • All images and videos are in high resolution for web and print use
  • Possibility for multiple photographers


If you need more time to photograph your event, you can purchase it before and during your event.

By purchasing an additional hour, you get an unlimited number of additional light and color adjusted images that can be shot within that hour.

PRICE FROM: DKK 1,799 excl. VAT per hour or part thereof

Your images need to have a specific ratio depending on where they will be used in order not to be cropped incorrectly.

By purchasing the marketing package, you get images in the right ratios that can be used on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, advertising and website.

Your images are converted to JPEG and have a maximum size of 300 KB, so your images keep their quality but don't slow down your website's speed.

You get:
(Besides your high-resolution images)
Your images in up to 5 different ratios.

Ratio 1:1
For use on your profile pictures on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN and more.

16:9 ratio
For use on your social media cover images.

3 x optional ratio for possible use on your website and advertising.

PRICE: From DKK 1,899 excl. VAT

If you need more time for on-location shooting or a longer video, this can be arranged before and during your event.

A fee is charged to cover travel costs for locations outside of Greater Copenhagen.

Contact us for a tailored offer for your event

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Contact us today for an initial meeting and alignment of expectations

What our customers say

MortenProject & Country Manager
Read More
I have used Christian and his team many times. Always a 100% dedicated and committed effort. He manages to make the participants in the session feel comfortable, so we always get natural and honest pictures with the perfect expression. Huge praise and respect from us. Can definitely be recommended.
Ketil Clorius
Ketil CloriusFinancial Crime Manager
Read More
I've been thinking about getting a more professional look on my LinkedIn for a long time and discussed it with Christian Radil. He had a clear idea of how it could be done and made an awkward situation fun and safe. Thank you for the collaboration WeCreate.
Pernille Lund
Pernille LundKey account manager
Read More
I've used Christian for various photo assignments, and whether it's on-site campaign photos or studio portraits, working with Christian is easy and painless. He works in a structured way, stays on schedule and the finished product always meets expectations.
Majbritt Madsen
Majbritt Madsen PR & Communication Manager
Read More
I've used Christian several times to photograph storefronts, shops and events. He works in a highly professional manner and always strives to create the best results. He is punctual and critical - a perfect business partner.
Gerth Sloth Bertelsen
Gerth Sloth Bertelsen Project Manager
Read More
Thanks to Militærfoto/WEcreate for the visual expression of Veteran Project Greenland. We could go on for days about what we experience and what differences we make, but Christian "kicks us in the butt" and really helps to boil things down to edible sizes and delivers an insanely beautiful visual expression.
Ukba Javaid
Ukba JavaidPsychologist
Read More
I contacted Christian to take some portraits for my website. Christian gets my absolute warmest recommendations - both because he is good at making you relax in front of the camera, but also because he makes a big virtue out of ensuring that you leave the photo session with exactly the image you had in mind.
Britt Lilja
Britt Lilja Business owner
Read More
Our clinic, Østerbro TandlægeCenter, needed a new website, and we were in need of a photographer. We were greeted with a friendly and responsive photographer and our photos turned out great. The session was fun and the work was fast - the images were ready in just a few days.
Jakob Frølund
Jakob FrølundHR Director
Read More
I had my profile picture taken by Christian - I would recommend this to anyone who needs to update their professional look or to companies who want to offer a consistent profile of their employees. Christian is without a doubt one of the best you'll find.
Trustpilot review
Read More
Razor-sharp images with an eye for detail
Christian is very skilled, professional and dedicated and I can only give him my highest recommendations. I've worked with Christian several times and he always delivers stunning images with an excellent eye for mood and detail.
Trustpilot review
Read More
Quality-conscious and detail-oriented
Anyone can take a picture, but few people can take pictures as beautiful as Christian's. He understands the person in front of the camera and is super professional to work with. Christian is extremely detail-oriented and has a keen eye for light and shadow - it's details like these that make a world of difference.
Trustpilot review
Read More
Super talented photographer - great photos
Christian made my first photo shoot with a professional photographer a very pleasant and super cool experience. He manages to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I can only recommend Christian to others who want unique images.
Maria Jensen
Maria Jensen
Trustpilot review
Read More
Fantastic - nothing less!
I've had the opportunity to work with Christian on several occasions - and I have no doubt about it; he's insanely talented. Christian is really sharp at seeing the mood as well as the details in the image - and the results of his work speak for themselves.
Janne-Mari Fredly
Janne-Mari Fredly
Trustpilot review
Read More
High quality at a great price!
Christian is a highly skilled and professional photographer with an eye for detail. He captures the most incredible moments with his camera! It's always a pleasure to work with Christian, and there's no doubt that you get high quality for your money.