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Are you planning a conference and looking for the ideal way to capture the atmosphere?

Then you’ve come to the right place. With more than 10 years of experience in photography and video, we know how to capture the right moments from your conference. Moments that provide insight into how your conference is progressing. It could be pictures of the atmosphere, speakers, detail shots, musical performances etc. Images that are essential when promoting and branding your business.

Me and my other colleagues thought ‘we have the perfect photographer’. He really adds to the creative part. Making things come together. Capture a whole view – the full meaning of it. Always searching and looking to be better. Don’t settle for better done than perfect.

Sophie Sanders | Project Manager at MCI

See a selection of the pictures we have previously taken for our clients in the gallery to the right. Get inspired and contact us if you also want a customized offer for your next conference.
Together we’ll find a solution, that suits you.

See a selection of the pictures we have previously taken for our clients in the gallery below. Get inspired and contact us if you also want a customized offer for your next conference.
Together we’ll find a solution that suits you.

Get inspired:
A selection of our clients
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Unique benefits that elevate your visual output from your conference.

Capturing the atmosphere of your conference in photos and videos requires expertise and passion.
We offer customized solutions for conferences, which ensure every detail and emotion is captured.


You will always receive a unique visual narrative, that matches your brand’s identity and goals.


Our equipment ensures that you are guaranteed sharp, engaging images and videos in the highest resolution. From live production to high-flying aerial photography.

Experience and expertise

With over a decade of experience and expertise in the industry, we bring an in-depth understanding of visual communication to the table.

Day to day delivery

We ensure that your marketing team has their material on time, so you can get as much value as possible out of your images and videos.

Contact us to get an offer for photo and/or video production for your next conference.

Professional testimonials and portraits with an on-site studio

Achieve professional portraits with exceptional sharpness and quality,
that add extraordinary value to both your company’s and the participants’ personal branding.

Have customer interviews, testimonials, and professional portraits shot with a professional setup directly at your conference.
With the mobile studio you are guaranteed private settings, high-quality video and image content with studio lighting,
which stands out significantly from the traditional environmental and mood images.
Portraits shot with a professional setup will appear with a sharpness and quality, which is difficult to match in a conference environment.

From professional shots to selfies

Give your next conference a boost by adding our innovative selfie booth to the package.
This modern twist on the classic photo booth is designed to engage your guests and create a fun, interactive experience, that complements our professional event photography perfectly. Here’s how our selfie booth can give your conference a breath of fresh air.


Easy and quick sharing via social media, allowing your guests to share their experiences in real-time.


Bring your company brand or theme to your photos with a personalized digital picture frame.


Offer more than just images. Create an interactive entertainment station, that engages your guests and adds an extra dimension to your conference.

Increased guest engagement

This unique approach doesn't just add fun and interaction to your event. It also ensures your guests take home lasting memories, share photos and create more awareness.

How much does it cost to get the mobile studio out?

We cannot give a fixed price for the mobile studio as it depends on whether the studio is booked in connection with a photo – video assignment, how long the studio will be used and the location of the assignment.
You are always welcome to contact us to get a quote for your project.


You must contact us for pricing to bring the mobile studio to your location.

The price varies and depends on the individual project. Our pricing takes into account your location, equipment usage, time period, weekday/weekend and holidays. Therefore, you can only receive a quote after you have been in contact with us and we have discussed your specific requirements.

It is not possible to rent the studio without booking a photographer.

There must be min. have a flat area of 6×6 m available, which also has electricity and toilet facilities.

The studio can also be used for recording interviews, simple short films, profile films and the like. If you’re unsure whether we can solve your specific needs, we’re just a phone call away.
Call +45 71 964 964 964 or fill out our contact form.


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