"There are no bad models - only bad photographers"

WEcreate specializes in photo and video for business.
We work professionally with both image and video to create a cohesive whole and deliver the output you need.

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Visual storytelling, it's what we know and do

We tell stories that engage and evoke emotions. We dare to use a cliché that’s more worn down bodega; we’re people-centric.

That’s why we make videos that communicate messages that get heard. Telling stories that can be felt. And make portraits that capture the people behind them.

We believe that our most important job is to give creativity a loving push – and inspire our customers to think differently and stand out from the crowd. Courage to do something different and challenge the status quo. The courage to leave a footprint.

We don't fly without ground visibility

No matter where we work or who we work for, we always navigate by the same coordinates. It’s about craftsmanship, detail and professional curiosity.

A project hasn’t landed until it’s imbued with uncompromising quality.

It’s been that way since day one. Because it’s not about taking the easy way out to get to tomorrow’s destination. It never has.
No, it’s about today.

We are ambitious and focused in the moment. Because even though WEcreate is built on soaring dreams, we don’t fly without sight of the ground. We hang our ego outside the door and stay grounded.

On a first name basis with customers

A decade has passed, and in that time we’ve welcomed a variety of companies and institutions. Big and small.

More photographers have come on board. Several of our very first customers are still on the journey. We’re on a first-name basis with them. Because we cultivate and maintain our relationships.

Meeting people face to face. We firmly believe in that. You can’t send a handshake in an email. Every meeting can open new doors. And no one knows what tomorrow will bring. It can lift you to the sky or throw you to the ground. But it always starts with the first meeting.

It started with military photos, mud and thousands of soldiers. But WEcreate is the commercial counterpart under the same umbrella. And we’ve grown as our brand has resonated in many corners of the country. Across industries.

A collaboration with WEcreate

It’s all about chemistry
We don’t measure success by whether you’re good in photos. Because it’s all about chemistry. About creating the elbow room you need. So you feel comfortable. There are no bad models. Only bad photographers. This is something we tell around 5000 people every year. And that makes people smile a little.

We take our work seriously, but we’re not self-congratulatory. Quite the opposite.


Our photographers are carefully selected based on their ability to deliver, execute and keep their eye on the ball. In other words, our selection process and attention to detail is your guarantee that you'll get the visual output your business deserves.


We are a visual agency with internal and external partners located all over Denmark. This means we can handle most tasks. Our mobile studio makes us agile, which means we always come with a professional setup.


We allow ourselves to be selective about who we choose and what tasks we take on. We do this because we only take on your project if we believe we have the skills to take it to the level WEcreate strives to set for the industry.


We are solution-oriented and honest. We see ourselves as a partner - not a supplier. We're always ready for a sparring session with you.


Preparation is 90% of all success. We always have some requirements before any collaboration starts. We always make sure we have set expectations and needs - What is the goal?


We offer day-to-day delivery when needed - without compromising on quality. We know how important fast delivery can be for your marketing.

Meet the team

wecreate ansatte

Emilie is WEcreate’s marketing shark.
She is passionate about keeping up with digital trends and always being one step ahead. Emilie has great insight into everything that falls under the big SEO umbrella.

If your business needs to rank better on various online media and be number one, Emilie is the right person to have on your team.

Christian Radil
OWNER, Photographer and retoucher

Christian is WEcreate’s portrait photographer and creative developer. He is an expert in angles, lighting, storytelling and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera.
Christian goes through all the visual work done by WEcreate.

Christian is also our chief photographer at WEcreate’s little sister company, Military Photo.

Christian is WEcreate’s portrait photographer and creative developer.
He is an expert in angles, light fall, storytelling
as well as making you feel safe
in front of the camera.
Christian walks you through all the visual work done by WEcreate.

Christian is also our chief photographer at WEcreate’s little sister company, Military Photo.


Selina has a masters in communication and thus has a great communicative toolbox with her. She’s a perfectionist to the core – and only the best is good enough.

If your company needs to optimize its internal or external communication – and better reach its target audience – Selina is the one to talk to.

Photographer and retoucher

Chris is a regular WEcreate partner, and he is the one we put on your assignment if you need animations, special after effects, corporate advertising, images, videos and profile films produced.

Chris is also a regular freelance photographer at Militærfoto, WEcreate’s little sister.

Photographer and retoucher

Lasse is a regular partner at WEcreate, and he is the one we put on your assignment if you need event photos, commercial advertising photos, product photos, architecture and various still photos .


Lasse is also a regular freelance photographer at Militærfoto, WEcreate’s little sister.

event photographer

Andreas is a regular collaborator for WEcreate and works with photography, editing and event recording on a daily basis. He’s the one we put on your assignment if you need event videos and event photos produced.

Andreas is also a regular freelance photographer at Militærfoto, WEcreate’s little sister.

What our customers say

MortenProject & Country Manager
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I have used Christian and his team many times. Always a 100% dedicated and committed effort. He manages to make the participants in the session feel comfortable, so we always get natural and honest pictures with the perfect expression. Huge praise and respect from us. Can definitely be recommended.
Ketil Clorius
Ketil CloriusFinancial Crime Manager
Read More
I've been thinking about getting a more professional look on my LinkedIn for a long time and discussed it with Christian Radil. He had a clear idea of how it could be done and made an awkward situation fun and safe. Thank you for the collaboration WeCreate.
Pernille Lund
Pernille LundKey account manager
Read More
I've used Christian for various photo assignments, and whether it's on-site campaign photos or studio portraits, working with Christian is easy and painless. He works in a structured way, stays on schedule and the finished product always meets expectations.
Majbritt Madsen
Majbritt Madsen PR & Communication Manager
Read More
I've used Christian several times to photograph storefronts, shops and events. He works in a highly professional manner and always strives to create the best results. He is punctual and critical - a perfect business partner.
Gerth Sloth Bertelsen
Gerth Sloth Bertelsen Project Manager
Read More
Thanks to Militærfoto/WEcreate for the visual expression of Veteran Project Greenland. We could go on for days about what we experience and what differences we make, but Christian "kicks us in the butt" and really helps to boil things down to edible sizes and delivers an insanely beautiful visual expression.
Ukba Javaid
Ukba JavaidPsychologist
Read More
I contacted Christian to take some portraits for my website. Christian gets my absolute warmest recommendations - both because he is good at making you relax in front of the camera, but also because he makes a big virtue out of ensuring that you leave the photo session with exactly the image you had in mind.
Britt Lilja
Britt Lilja Business owner
Read More
Our clinic, Østerbro TandlægeCenter, needed a new website, and we were in need of a photographer. We were greeted with a friendly and responsive photographer and our photos turned out great. The session was fun and the work was fast - the images were ready in just a few days.
Jakob Frølund
Jakob FrølundHR Director
Read More
I had my profile picture taken by Christian - I would recommend this to anyone who needs to update their professional look or to companies who want to offer a consistent profile of their employees. Christian is without a doubt one of the best you'll find.
Trustpilot review
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Razor-sharp images with an eye for detail
Christian is very skilled, professional and dedicated and I can only give him my highest recommendations. I've worked with Christian several times and he always delivers stunning images with an excellent eye for mood and detail.
Trustpilot review
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Quality-conscious and detail-oriented
Anyone can take a picture, but few people can take pictures as beautiful as Christian's. He understands the person in front of the camera and is super professional to work with. Christian is extremely detail-oriented and has a keen eye for light and shadow - it's details like these that make a world of difference.
Trustpilot review
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Super talented photographer - great photos
Christian made my first photo shoot with a professional photographer a very pleasant and super cool experience. He manages to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I can only recommend Christian to others who want unique images.
Maria Jensen
Maria Jensen
Trustpilot review
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Fantastic - nothing less!
I've had the opportunity to work with Christian on several occasions - and I have no doubt about it; he's insanely talented. Christian is really sharp at seeing the mood as well as the details in the image - and the results of his work speak for themselves.
Janne-Mari Fredly
Janne-Mari Fredly
Trustpilot review
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High quality at a great price!
Christian is a highly skilled and professional photographer with an eye for detail. He captures the most incredible moments with his camera! It's always a pleasure to work with Christian, and there's no doubt that you get high quality for your money.