Company Profile film


Revitalize your company's core narrative with a dynamic company profile film

When you convey your message through a company profile film rather than text, you have the opportunity to capture your target group’s attention and present your message in a completely new way – without it feeling like a long sales pitch.

Increase awareness of your product and your company’s brand through a professional corporate film.

Personal and targeted approach to your company profile film

Our approach to your company profile film starts with a thorough understanding of what makes your brand unique.

From the first meeting we sit down to explore your vision, goals, and your company’s distinctive tone of voice that characterizes your brand. This initial and in-depth work forms the basis for a profile video that authentically conveys your message and engages your target group.

By capturing the essence of your company’s story, we ensure that your company profile film becomes a genuine and convincing expression of your brand.

Customized company profile film solutions

No task is too big or too small. We offer customized company profile videos that closely match your desires and needs. Our dedicated team, rich in experience and creativity, handles the entire project from start to finish with a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality.

We utilize our creative flair and extensive knowledge within video production to ensure that your company profile film stands out and truly captures the essence of your brand.

See examples of company profile videos we have produced

When we develop your profile video, we ensure;


We ensure that each scene reflects your brand’s high standards with impeccable image and sound quality.


Your story is precisely tailored to your brand’s unique identity and goals.


We commit to efficient project management to meet all agreed deadlines.


Equipped with video cameras, drones, and a mobile studio, we are ready to capture your profile video – regardless of needs and location.

Your story is waiting to be told.
Contact us today to create a tailored profile video that strengthens your visual brand identity.

How the process typically unfolds for a profile video

Step 1


Coordination of ideas and expectations between you and WEcreate, and development of a storyboard.

Agreement on filming location (on-location or in studio), need for green screen, extras, sound, and script.

Approval of storyboard, mock-ups, and cover images prepared based on the script.

Step 2


Review of the storyboard with involved parties to ensure everyone is aware of the day's schedule and objectives.

Initiation of the actual filming based on the approved storyboard and planning.

Implementation of planned cover images during filming.

Step 3


Review and editing of the footage based on the agreed layout and storyboard.

You receive a raw film for online review, where any changes are requested. Changes are then implemented based on feedback.

Color grading and refinement of the visual expression.

Step 4


The final version of the profile video is delivered according to agreement.

You test the finished material on selected platforms and gather feedback.

Based on feedback, further filming is considered. For example, a catalog with 10-second sequences to highlight key messages.

What does a company profile video cost?

The investment in a company profile video can vary significantly based on your unique needs and requirements.
To ensure you receive a precise estimate, we offer thorough planning meetings. As a general guideline, our prices for a budget-friendly company profile video starts from 2680 euro.


  • Free travel to a location in Copenhagen
  • Initial meeting
  • Storyboard
  • Voiceover
  • Editing
  • 1 round of proofreading
  • Online gallery for easy download of the film

Add on

You will receive 6 audio clips to choose from.

Royalty free music means that you have permission to use the sounds in your videos for your marketing.

If you need a voiceover for your profile video, we will take care of that as well.

It's possible to add travel to multiple locations. We will discuss this at the initial meeting.

It's always possible to purchase additional rounds of proofreading.

Why is this an extra purchase?
Throughout the process and our initial meeting, we tailor your profile video. You approve the content before we start. If there's a need for changes, it requires additional hours of work on your profile video – and possibly additional manpower.


At WEcreate we focus on producing customized profile videos, that not only tell your company’s unique story, but also put a sharp focus on your brand.

Are you ready to give your brand
the attention it deserves?



Frequently asked questions about profile films.

A profile film is a short video that presents a company’s identity, mission, services, or products. The goal is to engage and inform the viewer about the brand in an inviting and visually appealing way.

Profile films can increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and support your marketing strategies by providing a strong, visual impression of your brand.

While profile films focus on presenting the company’s overall brand and values, other advertising films may be more product- or service-specific and often designed to directly promote sales.

Elements such as interviews with key personnel, showcasing products or services, employee activities, and the company’s culture are common. The film may also include elements, that demonstrate the company’s values and mission.

Integrate your company profile film on your company’s website, share it on social media, and also consider other distribution channels such as email newsletters or partner websites for maximum exposure.

See more of what we can offer you within film production

Film production opens up a world of opportunities to present your brand and your vision in a professional way. From commercials and corporate videos to documentary narratives. Each style has its own unique expression and purpose.

Commercial film

Create more awareness and more sales for your business.


Get the right candidates to apply to your company.

In doubt?

Get in touch with our photographer and get a tailored offer.

What our customers say

MortenProject & Country Manager
Read More
I have used Christian and his team many times. Always a 100% dedicated and committed effort. He manages to make the participants in the session feel comfortable, so we always get natural and honest pictures with the perfect expression. Huge praise and respect from us. Can definitely be recommended.
Ketil Clorius
Ketil CloriusFinancial Crime Manager
Read More
I've been thinking about getting a more professional look on my LinkedIn for a long time and discussed it with Christian Radil. He had a clear idea of how it could be done and made an awkward situation fun and safe. Thank you for the collaboration WeCreate.
Pernille Lund
Pernille LundKey account manager
Read More
I've used Christian for various photo assignments, and whether it's on-site campaign photos or studio portraits, working with Christian is easy and painless. He works in a structured way, stays on schedule and the finished product always meets expectations.
Majbritt Madsen
Majbritt Madsen PR & Communication Manager
Read More
I've used Christian several times to photograph storefronts, shops and events. He works in a highly professional manner and always strives to create the best results. He is punctual and critical - a perfect business partner.
Gerth Sloth Bertelsen
Gerth Sloth Bertelsen Project Manager
Read More
Thanks to Militærfoto/WEcreate for the visual expression of Veteran Project Greenland. We could go on for days about what we experience and what differences we make, but Christian "kicks us in the butt" and really helps to boil things down to edible sizes and delivers an insanely beautiful visual expression.
Ukba Javaid
Ukba JavaidPsychologist
Read More
I contacted Christian to take some portraits for my website. Christian gets my absolute warmest recommendations - both because he is good at making you relax in front of the camera, but also because he makes a big virtue out of ensuring that you leave the photo session with exactly the image you had in mind.
Britt Lilja
Britt Lilja Business owner
Read More
Our clinic, Østerbro TandlægeCenter, needed a new website, and we were in need of a photographer. We were greeted with a friendly and responsive photographer and our photos turned out great. The session was fun and the work was fast - the images were ready in just a few days.
Jakob Frølund
Jakob FrølundHR Director
Read More
I had my profile picture taken by Christian - I would recommend this to anyone who needs to update their professional look or to companies who want to offer a consistent profile of their employees. Christian is without a doubt one of the best you'll find.
Trustpilot review
Read More
Razor-sharp images with an eye for detail
Christian is very skilled, professional and dedicated and I can only give him my highest recommendations. I've worked with Christian several times and he always delivers stunning images with an excellent eye for mood and detail.
Trustpilot review
Read More
Quality-conscious and detail-oriented
Anyone can take a picture, but few people can take pictures as beautiful as Christian's. He understands the person in front of the camera and is super professional to work with. Christian is extremely detail-oriented and has a keen eye for light and shadow - it's details like these that make a world of difference.
Trustpilot review
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Super talented photographer - great photos
Christian made my first photo shoot with a professional photographer a very pleasant and super cool experience. He manages to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I can only recommend Christian to others who want unique images.
Maria Jensen
Maria Jensen
Trustpilot review
Read More
Fantastic - nothing less!
I've had the opportunity to work with Christian on several occasions - and I have no doubt about it; he's insanely talented. Christian is really sharp at seeing the mood as well as the details in the image - and the results of his work speak for themselves.
Janne-Mari Fredly
Janne-Mari Fredly
Trustpilot review
Read More
High quality at a great price!
Christian is a highly skilled and professional photographer with an eye for detail. He captures the most incredible moments with his camera! It's always a pleasure to work with Christian, and there's no doubt that you get high quality for your money.