Portrait photography in studio

Christian Bjerre

A well-made portrait

WEcreate was tasked with helping Christian Kühn Bjerre create portraits that were well-designed and looked professional for use on his LinkedIn and at work.

Need a well-rendered portrait

Christian Kühn Bjerre, who works as Head of Strategy at MAN, contacted WEcreate because he needed a more polished and professional image of himself for his LinkedIn and at work.

Christian found that he was unable to take a picture of himself that fulfilled the expressions and sent the signal he needed.


At WEcreate, we have a studio in Copenhagen with a full setup. This allows us to shoot high-quality portraits with the right lighting, different backgrounds and depth.

These conditions allow us to create the exact expressions you want to exude when you come in for a portrait session with us.


We invited Christian to our studio and tried out a few different setups to find the right look for him. Throughout the process, we made adjustments based on the images that Christian liked the most.

We tried different lighting and positions to create the right portrait and meet Christian’s needs.

We delivered the images the very next day.

"My image is much sharper now"

“I found it super exciting to have my portraits taken.

Your photographer Christian was really good at getting the right look for me.

In addition, I think it’s a great studio with a professional and comfortable environment. My image is much sharper now, for example on my Linkedin and at work. It looks much more trustworthy and professional” – Christian Kühn Bjerre.

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