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Need more than just high-quality images

Can your iPhone keep capturing high enough quality images for your business marketing? And how do you go about it when you’re looking for more than just high-quality images?

These were the questions Cecilie Lind from The Protein Kitchen had when she contacted WEcreate.


When Cecilie first got in touch with WEcreate, she needed to shoot some photos for her first cookbook. What was most important to Cecilie was that in connection with the images for the book, she could get feedback, creative ideas and collaboration with a passionate person – like herself.


Cecilie Lind needed a photographer who was not only skilled at shooting images, but who could contribute creative ideas and input.

At WEcreate, we work not only with photography and images, but with lighting, video, storytelling and the people behind it. It’s the prep work that makes all the difference to your product images. And that’s something WEcreate has a lot of experience with.


We act, think creatively and create the best conditions for good collaboration through chemistry and trust.

With creative development, sparring and a professional touch, The Protein Kitchen produced professional quality images – both for the cookbook and on social media.

"It's not just a photographer"

“I would definitely recommend WEcreate based on its values, skills and experience. That, and the creative ideas and input.

Not all photographers can do this – that is, have creative ideas of their own. Photographers can be great at taking a picture, but if the photographer also has some experience and ideas on how to tell this story with this. How do we do it? It’s not always possible as a customer or as a person to come and say: J
I want this.
It can be difficult to get it down in a picture or video.

What’s important to me is to have a sparring partner, and I feel that’s what WEcreate offers. You can shape the idea together, so to speak. It’s not just a photographer.” – Cecilie Lind, The Protein Kitchen

The Protein Kitchen: Promotional images

The Protein Kitchen: Second cookbook

The Protein Kitchen: First book

Curious about who THE PROTEIN KITCHEN is?

The Protein Kitchen is a heart-driven business. They produce healthy and quick meals that make it easier for people to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cecilie describes the company as more than just a food company, but as a movement that wants to make a difference for people.

You can read much more about Cecilie Lind and The Protein Kitchen on the website: The Protein Kitchen

“I have some very important messages and they’re hard to get out because of the products we deliver, we have products in places where people have to make a decision in two seconds. So this brand awareness thing is really important, it’s about the online presence but also the offline communication. Those two things are really important” – Cecilie Lind, The Protein Kitchen.

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