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A valuable collaboration

As an agency, can you find one partner who can create all the visual content? And how do you meet your customers’ diverse needs for images and video without too many or uncertain intermediaries?

These were the questions Stine from Noise PR had before she contacted WEcreate.


Noise PR represents some of the biggest brands, including Hans Just, Carlsberg and Muji in Illum.

Noise PR needed a steady partner who could cover several or all of their needs in terms of the visual output – both their own and their customers’.


Since Noise PR works with big brands, Noise PR often has larger assignments, large areas and many different people and needs to take care of.

At WEcreate, we work with both photo and video – in several areas. This has allowed us to cover more tasks and needs on behalf of Noise PR.

This created opportunities that weren’t available before we introduced them to this broad palette that we can offer through WEcreate.


With WEcreate’s years of experience, we made sure to build a brand understanding for Noise PR and their customers. This has enabled us to offer more solutions and more content – which has created opportunities and a shared understanding.

Stine Kirkegaard Hoffmann, CEO and Founder of Noise PR

"WEcreate has been absolutely crucial to our work"

For us, WEcreate has been absolutely crucial to our work because we do so many events and so on on behalf of our customers.

You could say that without the things WEcreate has come up with, we wouldn’t be able to present to the customer what we can really do. Indirectly, Noise PR has definitely made a lot of money and we have been able to nurture our customers by working with WEcreate.” Stine Kirkegaard Hoffmann, CEO and Founder of Noise PR

Promotional images for Muji CPH store

Advertising photos for Carlsberg

reklamebillede carlsberg af wecreate rekalmefotograf

Video production

Event video for Passoa

Event video for Carlsberg

Event video for Cointreau

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