Engage Festival a tribute to veterans

Engage Festival aims to support and recognize veterans for their service around the world. The festival is the Veteran Foundation’s primary activity and the engine to achieve its purpose.

Music, entertainment and fun activities in the castle in Copenhagen

The Engage Festival takes place every year at Kastellet in Copenhagen and is dedicated to honoring veterans for their heroic efforts around the world. The festival is open to everyone and is two days of music, entertainment and fun activities. But Engage Festival isn’t just a party – it’s an opportunity to support a great cause. Every year the festival donates its profits to Veteranfonden, which distributes it among the many voluntary initiatives that work to create better conditions for Danish veterans.

WEcreate documents the festival NON-profit with mood shots and commercials.

When doing an event like Engage Festival, it’s important to document it and show what you’ve done. That’s why it’s important to have some good mood shots that show what the festival is about and what the atmosphere and mood is like in Kastellet.

Engage Festival has therefore collaborated with WEcreate, who have been taking photos and making commercials for their marketing since 2019.

It’s important to us that we can be involved and support with what we do best – taking pictures. We want to capture the unique atmosphere that is present during a festival that celebrates our veterans.

The ideal business partner

WEcreate is perfect for the job as we have extensive experience with military photography for the Danish defense through our subsidiary, Militærfoto .

The fort is a military area, so it’s crucial that photographers know what can and can’t be photographed. WEcreate also has extensive experience in covering events across multiple genres, making us the perfect partner to create the best evocative images to enhance Engage’s marketing.

The collaboration between Engage Festival and WEcreate is non-profit and has been a success as we have been able to support each other and raise awareness about veterans and their important role in society. Engage Festival continues to run the festival every year and hopes to reach even more people.

"I think it's just run perfectly"

“I just think it went perfectly. I liked the fact that it went completely smoothly. You had an appointment with a photographer who arrived in good time, checked in and asked if there was anything special he needed to be aware of or if there was anything I wanted. We talked a bit about it, and then he got to work in a really good way. Afterwards, the images were uploaded to the image bank and I could access them there. All in all, I think it went perfectly.” – Niclas Bardeleben – General Manager


Want to support veterans too?

We’re excited to continue our partnership with Engage Festival and support their great cause. We look forward to documenting the festival again this year and seeing how it continues to raise awareness of veterans and their heroic efforts. Want to support veterans too? Then join the Engage Festival, held every year at Kastellet in Copenhagen.

Engage Festival will be held at Kastellet in Copenhagen on 9. and June 10, 2023.
You can find out much more about the event and buy your tickets to Engage on their website:
Engage Festival

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