Branding images

Ready to go

Making the message visible

When working with young adults with autism, how can you best get your message across? And how do you find a photographer who can understand your target audience and put the people in front of the camera at ease?

These were the questions Morten Wulff, the project manager for KLAR TIL START, faced when he contacted WEcreate.


KLAR TIL START is an employment program for young adults with autism.

An offer that helps those furthest away from the labor market. Here they get support, structure and predictability to ensure they land on their terms in a job they love.

KLAR TIL START has existed since 2012 and is supported by several foundations and has had the concept approved by CABI, who can see the great effect the offer has.

KLAR TIL START creates great results that make a difference – both for the young adults and the many companies they work with.

Visibility of Ready To Go

Project manager Morten Wulf reached out to WEcreate because they needed a company that could shoot images that visualize the situations and work that young adults encounter.

It should also make it visible which companies KLAR TIL START collaborates with.

In Morten’s choice of photographer, it was important for him to find a company that could understand the target group and the people who would be in front of the camera, while at the same time ensuring a common thread across the many companies that KLAR TIL START is involved with.


We take great pride in creating the right chemistry between us as photographers and the people in front of the camera.

No matter who they are or where they come from. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable.

Collaboration Since 2016

In collaboration with KLAR TIL START, we have created imagery that clearly communicates the great value for young adults to be part of KLAR TIL START and start in a job they will be happy with – and where they want to stay.

Together, we created a portfolio of images for use on KLAR TIL START’s social media, brochures and website.

Choosing the right photographer was easy

“The dedication of the photographer, the professionalism and the ability to understand the context of the images and the people being photographed is important when choosing a photographer. I know Christian’s work. I know how good he is. And how dedicated he is. So it was easy. When I have an opportunity to choose the photographer – I choose him” – Project Manager Morten Wulf, READY TO START