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Nørgaard & co

Recruitment campaign for
Defense Intelligence Service

Can you run a recruitment campaign without opening the doors to the workplace?
And how do you create the right setting for professional portraits and movies when you’re not allowed to bring your camera inside?
That was exactly the question Susan from NØRGAARD & CO asked when she contacted WEcreate.


NØRGAARD & CO. helps companies with their strategy, communication and branding on a daily basis.

On behalf of their client, the Danish Defense Intelligence Service, NØRGAARD & CO. had to take portrait photos and shoot a film in connection with a recruitment campaign – and as an element in their employer branding efforts.

The goal is to show that there are all sorts of different types working in the roles they offer in FE.


NØRGAARD & CO. faced a simple constraint: no photography or recording was allowed inside. Therefore, NØRGAARD & CO. needed a photographer who could do the job outdoors at the customer’s location, but without compromising on light and sound.

At WEcreate, we have a mobile studio with a full setup. This allows us to create portraits and produce high-quality video content ‘on location’.


The recruitment campaign is designed to attract people to education and recruitment. Within the Armed Forces, it can quickly become sterile and stereotypical.

That’s why the delivery places great emphasis on bringing out the personality in the portraits and in the film.

The shoot took just one day on set, as we were fully prepared in advance. Planning, strategy and goal setting are always part of the process. And in this case, the great collaboration with Susan from NØRGAARD & CO helped create an efficient process.

"Next time someone asks, it's you!"

“The way your photographer put himself in the shoes of the people he was taking pictures of – including the way he was able to thaw them out and get exactly the shots we wanted – was so cool!

I would definitely recommend WEcreate to others. I want to do this because I think there is often a lack of a supplier that can both film and take pictures. Not many people can do that. The mobile studio is absolutely brilliant, and I just think the quality is really, really good. Then the next
if anyone asks, it’s you!” –
Susan Nørgaard, NØRGAARD & CO.

Are you curious about who NØRGAARD & CO is?

NØRGAARD & CO helps companies with their strategy, communication and branding on a daily basis.

You can read much more about Susan Nørgaard and her company Nørgaard & CO on their website:

“When you work with strategy and strategic communication, I think that communicating messages with more than words is incredibly important – there are so many ways that people listen: Some hear with their eyes, some hear with their ears, some hear with their emotions and the mood that is created in what you deliver. We almost always have sound, image and graphics involved – I think this supports that. It reinforces the messages we want to convey.” – Susan Nørgaard