Ketil Clorius

Headshots that create value

What do you do when you’re starting a new job and don’t feel like your old portrait has the right charisma? And how do you actually find out what the right charisma is?

These were the questions Ketil Clorius asked himself before contacting WEcreate.


In addition to being a former professional footballer, Ketil Clorius works in the fight against fraud on a daily basis. Previously, he was Head of Fraud Prevention at Danske Bank. 

Ketil Clorius contacted WEcreate because he wanted some headshots in connection with a new position at SEB bank. with a new position at SEB bank. The goal was to take headshots that create value for Ketil – both personally and professionally.


Prior to the session in the studio, we had been in contact with Ketil. He made us aware that he felt unnatural and somewhat embarrassed to put himself front and center and say out loud, “Now I want to look professional”.


To create a good experience for Ketil, we prioritized making an effort to create a good chemistry and a safe atmosphere that was relaxed and where there was room for laughter.

The result was headshots that could fulfill and justify the professional expression and personal branding Ketil wanted to achieve.

"I felt safe all the way through"

That was totally easy! Christian is really good at guiding, helping and relaxing me. Instead of thinking it was kind of embarrassing, I actually thought it was fun and cool to do it. I felt safe all the way through” – Ketil Clorius, SEB bank.

Ketil Clorius: Headshots

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