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Capturing moments through photography and video

How do you capture the most significant moments of the congress in images and video? And is it even possible to deliver high-quality images that will do justice to the magnitude of the event? 

About the assignment

MCI was organizing a congress in Copenhagen. They had joined forces with an agency in Copenhagen. Now, all they needed was a good photographer who could handle the pressure of working a huge event and deliver high-quality images. The local agency reached out to WEcreate after looking at the company website – they thought it would be a good fit. 


Sophie Sanders is Senior Project Manager at MCI. The MCI team really needed a professional photographer who is used to working closely with clients. Who can deliver images that showcase the event in the best light possible.

The experience

Sophie Sanders highlights that as a photographer Christian goes the extra mile and is extremely passionate and professional. There was a great understanding regarding what the company needed and expected from the outcome. It was very important for MCI that the delivery of the photos was fast – and as promised WEcreate did not disappoint. 

The result

The images captured the essence of the congress, showcasing the attendees’ engagement and the significant moments that took place during the event. The deliverables were used for both brochures and on MCI’s website.


After the first congress, WEcreate was hired for several other events – working closely with the MCI team.


‘we have the perfect photographer’

“Me and my other colleagues thought ‘we have the perfect photographer’. He really adds to the creative part. Making things come together. Capture a whole view – the full meaning of it. Always searching and looking to be better. Don’t settle for better done than perfect. “ – Sophie Sanders, Project Manager at MCI.  

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