Every business has its own history, target audience and vision.
We take the time to understand your business, your industry and your goals.


We understand the importance of dedication and focused effort.
When it comes to our SEO and communication work, we only take on one client at a time within each niche. This ensures that we don’t antagonize or create conflicts between our customers.
With us, you’ll experience a service where the success of your business is always at the center.

Why communication?

You can say a lot without actually saying anything. That’s why it’s also important that your communication – whether it’s for internal or external use – is well-considered, articulate and targeted.

Every company has its own unique story. That’s why there is no one size fits all. We make sure we’re right where you are. Right where your specific communication needs are.

Why SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the art of customizing your website and its content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results. 

A well-optimized site means more traffic, more customers and more sales. But SEO isn’t just about search engines. It’s also about understanding your users and their needs.

Go directly to one of our two areas of expertise

Tailored SEO and communication solutions

In the digital age, search engine visibility and effective communication are not just a luxury. They are crucial to the success of your business. Being seen and heard is one step closer to being elected. In a world where consumers search online first and expect clear messaging, your search engine rankings and the way you communicate can affect whether you are first in line ahead of your competitors.


Whether you want to increase your online visibility, drive more traffic to your website or improve your company's overall communication, it's important to have the right tools and strategies in place.


Instead of tying you to a specific package, we give you the freedom to choose exactly the services you need.


As your business grows and evolves, your SEO and communication needs may change. Our tailored approach ensures we can adapt to these changes.

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Why us?

Tailor-made solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Uniqueness is what makes you stand out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what we focus on. We take the time to get to know you and your business, so you get a tailored solution that addresses your specific needs and goals.

The great

In our work with
SEO and communication
we are holistic. We don’t just immerse ourselves in the details, but constantly look at the big picture. We look at the bigger picture, so there’s always a common thread in what you and your company send out – whether it’s internally or externally.

The perfect cocktail

With a background in photography, communication and digital marketing, WEcreate has a unique insight into how visual content, the right communication and SEO can work together to create maximum impact when it comes to marketing your business.

A unique approach

To guarantee our full commitment and ensure each customer receives the best service, we work exclusively with one customer in each industry at a time. This principle helps us dive deeper into each customer’s unique needs, avoid potential conflicts of interest and deliver results that really make a difference.

Tailor-made solutions

Your business is unique. We understand and adapt with precise solutions.

The big one

Detail meets overview. We ensure clear and strong communication.

The perfect cocktail

At WEcreate, we combine photography, communication and online strategy.

A unique approach

We are 100% dedicated.
One customer, one niche, full focus.

When you choose WEcreate, you choose a professional, dedicated team. We can be just the piece you and your business need to get off the ground. Our main interest is to help your business grow and thrive in the digital world. We’re driven by the personal connection. A connection that paves the way for us to achieve the best possible result.
Because working together is the path to success.


Text production

Are you looking for someone who has the necessary understanding of written communication? Someone who can get you and your business off the ground. Then we can assist with large and small text production tasks. It is important that there is a common thread in your company's way of communicating to create recognition and credibility with your target audience.

Learn much more about
Text production

Text optimization

Have you already produced a range of texts? We can help with proofreading and provide a second opinion on whether the content meets the requirements for good, targeted communication. And even the small things can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your business. Your communication must convince the target audience that what your company offers is worth their time - and money.

Learn much more about
Text optimization

Knowledge gathering

You should listen twice as much as you speak. And good preparation moves mountains. Therefore, it's also essential to research and listen to your target audience's needs and overall experience of the company. By involving them, you'll gain invaluable insights that will help you optimize your product and target your communication to hit the mark.

SEO optimization

Usability optimization

Recommendations for a more intuitive and user-friendly website that leads to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Learn much more about usability optimization

Content SEO

Increase visibility and engagement on your website through quality content that matches users' search intent.

Learn much more about
content SEO

Image optimization

Faster loading times and better user experience, improving your website's SEO ranking

Learn much more about image optimization

SEO analysis

Clarity on your website's strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted improvements.

Learn much more about
SEO analysis

Keyword analysis

Identifying the most relevant keywords for your business.

Learn more about keyword analysis

Competitor analysis

Gain insight into competitors' strategies, giving you an advantage and the ability to differentiate yourself.

Learn more about competitor analysis

WEcreate is your media agency

An agency that can make your dreams come true.

By uniting a visual output with communication and marketing, we can deliver the complete package.
With an eye for both the detail and the big picture, we create solutions tailored to your needs.
Are you ready to take marketing you and your business to the next level?

wecreate ansatte
Marketing Manager

Emilie is WEcreate’s marketing shark.
She is passionate about keeping up with digital trends and always being one step ahead. Emilie has great insight into everything that falls under the big SEO umbrella.

If your business needs to rank better on various online media and be number one, Emilie is the right person to have on your team.

Communication Manager

Selina is educated Cand.Comm. and thus has a great communicative toolbox in his luggage. She’s a perfectionist to the core – and only the best is good enough.

If your company needs to optimize its internal or external communication – and better reach its target audience – Selina is the one to talk to.