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Cramer's studio

Creating Cramer's visual identity

How can you create the right look and feel in images and videos for your business? Is a picture just a picture or is there more to it? These were the questions Marie Louise Cramer had before she contacted WEcreate.

Personal and group training in a safe environment

Cramers Studio is an exclusive gym located on Esplanaden in Copenhagen. They offer personal and group training for all levels in a safe environment with expert guidance. They also have special classes for pregnant women and mother/father/child training. Cramers Studio is owned by Marie Louise Cramer, who also works as a coach and is working with her team to create a community in the city with cool, functional and effective workouts in a beautiful environment.

When Marie Louise first approached WEcreate in 2014, it was to create images for personal branding as a personal trainer. It was important to Marie Louise that the material reflected her company’s values. She needed a photographer she could talk to about what she wanted her business to look like and which images would best promote her business.

Before working with WEcreate, Marie Louise had the perception that a photographer just took a picture and that was it. But after the collaboration, she gained a new insight: It’s all about what the image tells and radiates.

Strategic collaboration with WEcreate created visual identity for Cramers Studio

As Cramer’s studio reached a growth and start-up phase, we were approached to create visuals for the company. Before we could start creating the right content, it was necessary to develop a clear strategy and goals for the company in collaboration with Marie Louise, so we could create the right visual material to promote Cramers Studie.

We were able to highlight Cramers Studios’ visual expression through sparring, skills and previous experience.

WEcreate helped Cramers with more than just images

Cramers got more than just images when they hired WEcreate as a partner. In addition to helping create the company’s visual identity, WEcreate also helped Cramers develop their concept and business strategy. 

WEcreate challenged Marie Louise to reflect on what she wanted to communicate and show with the images and concept, which helped Cramers define the vision for the company.

"WEcreate created the perfect visual expression
for our business"

“WEcreate has been involved on several occasions, and I still use the images on my website. It’s our entire visual expression to the outside world, and that’s crucial. WEcreate has captured this whole bright universe that we want to try to create with a special atmosphere. So even though I’m getting smarter and smarter about my business over the years and more and more aware of what it is I really want, I just think that even when WEcreate shot the images for our website, WEcreate was so aware of what I was looking for. It’s really important as a company that you have a visual expression that matches the universe you offer.” – Marie Louise Cramer, Cramers Studie.

Cramer's study: Advertising images

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